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Department of Computer Application Engineering

Information Technology is growing rapidly. Increasing applications of computers in almost all areas of human Endeavour has led to a vibrant industry with concurrent rapid change in technology. In Sat Priya Group of Institutions, the department of Computer Applications is providing the courses like Master of Computer Applications (MCA) & Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA). In this department, the primary emphasis is on designing information systems for various organizations such as banks, insurance companies, hotels, hospitals etc.. We have very knowledgeable and experienced faculty.

. In our department, the students learn best by doing. The strong laboratories, besides supplementing the theory course are also provided to expose the student to the use of the latest software tools. We have also provided the projection facilities for theory classes. Every MCA student is required to spend one semester in an industry for developing a software system.

That’s why; we organize industry seminars to enable the students of MCA/BCA to appreciate the software development which is going on in industries in India. These seminars help the students to face the interviews with some confidence. Time to time we invite some companies for the recruitment of students. We also send our students to other institutes for joint campus.


  • HTML Lab
  • Office Lab
  • C/C++ Lab
  • DS Lab
  • DBMS
  • CG Lab
  • Core Java Lab
  • VB Lab
  • Advanced Java Lab
  • .net Lab
  • VC++