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Department of Computer Science Engineering

The Department of Computer Science came into being in the year 2007 and the first batch of Computer Science and Engineers graduated in the year 2011. At present it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering. The Department of Computer Science at SPCE is renowned for cutting edge research and for imparting state of the art education. We attract some of the brightest students and faculty.

Computing Facility:

This Department has more than ten computer labs and we provide best facility in terms of Hardware & Software. The computer systems are of latest technology and we constantly update as when required. We systematically follow the course curriculum in the class room as well as in the practical labs. In the labs students are given excellent training to improve their software skills. Our main intention is to use best teaching methodologies, make every student of this Department a world class Computer Professional.

The major advantages of such an open architecture and operation are Central operation and managing the resources at central places. As the Linux based applications are in a process of continuous upgrade, it is always easy and convenient to administer from a central Terminal Server. Windows based applications with Server capability is great advantages considering that the cost of licensing and cost of overheads in preventing downtime are concerned.


  • C++ Lab
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • DSD Lab
  • Operating system Lab
  • FCPC Lab
  • Network Programming Lab
  • IF lab
  • Intelligent System Lab
  • Advanced Java Lab
  • Multimedia Technologies Lab
  • Project Lab

Other facility:

The Department has a well furnished Seminar Room with LCD & over head projector.