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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics Engineering came into being in the year 2007 and the first batch of Electronics Engineers graduated in the year 2011. At present it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Electronics Engineering.

To keep pace with the development in the fields of Electronics & Communication Engineering, the department of ECE is making endeavor in providing training and expertise, imparting required skill and guidance to the young Engineering students to prepare themselves to build and ensure for themselves a consistent future career.

Our students are supported by a team of dedicated faculty members in their strides to venture into new realm of knowledge paradigm. Further to support their effort on acquiring all practical knowledge, the experimental set ups in the Laboratories are well equipped and regularly modernized.


  • Basic Electronic Labs.
  • EEMSD & Electronics Engg. Lab.
  • Network Theory Lab
  • Analog Electronics Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Communication System Lab
  • Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab
  • Advanced Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
  • Data Communication Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • Digital System Design Lab (VHDL)
  • Satellite Communication Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Embedded System Design Lab
  • Optical Fiber Lab
  • Satellite & Space Communication Lab
  • VLSI Design Lab (Tanner)

Computing Facility:

This Department has three computer laboratories to cater to the Computing needs of students and faculty members of the Department.

The laboratories are well equipped with the appropriate Hardware and Software to meet the requirements under the University curriculum. The various tasks and the software packages used are as follows:


  • Programming
  • Circuit Simulation
  • Circuit Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Numerical Computation
  • Document Preparation

Software Tools

  • Anjuta, Eclipse, Netbeans IDEs
  • ngSpice,QuCs
  • Electric, geDA, Xcircuit
  • QuCs (VHDL like)
  • qtOctave (MATLAB like)
  • Kile(Latex document preparation System)

Other Facility :

The Department has a well furnished Seminar Room with LCD & over head projector.