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Department of School Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the conventional courses in India that have maintained their prominence since ages. An MBA graduate from a renowned institute is considered to be eligible for jobs in any field of management. To produce competent professionals, the management aspirants are imparted entrepreneurial skills by institutes. Marketing, HR, sales, finance and other such fields form part of the curriculum of the MBA students.

After pursuing MBA course from a popular management institute, students have the advantage of building a highly lucrative career. MBA graduates can find job is diverse fields, including marketing, finance, government as well as private sector, non-profit organizations, or can run business.

BBA or the Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor's degree in business administration. In most universities, the BBA degree is conferred upon a student after completion of four years of full-time study.BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course is designed to give students the basic knowledge and understanding of all the functions of a company like marketing, systems, finance, human resource management etc. BBA is somewhat similar to MBA program. In the final year of study, the student can specialize in any one stream of their choice.